our classes


Preschool (3 & 4 Yr. Olds)

Beginning Ballet & Creative Movement.  Emphasis on motor skills, coordination, flexibility, beginning ballet skills & creativity!  Preschool students must be age 3 by Sept. 1 and be fully potty trained (no diapers/pull ups) and must be able to use the restroom with little to no assistance.

Kinderdance (5-6 Yr. Olds)

Continuation of Preschool curriculum with added emphasis on musicality, rhythm, and building on ballet skills.  

Ballet 1 through Ballet 5 (Ages 6+)

Beginner to Intermediate studies in classical ballet & terminology.

Ballet 6 through Ballet 7

Continuation of intermediate ballet technique & terminology with added skills.  Pointe work as well for those that qualify for pointe work.  Pointe must be approved by instructor.  

Ballet 8

Continuation of ballet technique & pointe (for those that qualify) with advanced progressions.  Pointe & Advanced Ballet students (Ballet 8) are required to enroll in at least two ballet technique classes per week.  

Ballet Repertoire

Students will learn various classical and contemporary ballet variations and solos as well as gain further knowledge in ballet vocabulary & history.  This is an intense, rigorous class for our highest level of ballet students and is by invitation only.  Please consult instructor.


Tap 1 through Advanced Tap

Beginner through Advanced progressions of rhythm tap.  Tap is a great way to develop rhythm & musicality for any dancer!  Students may enroll in Tap classes beginning at age 5.  

Clogging 1 through Advanced Clogging

Beginner through Advanced progressions of Green Grass style clogging.  Clogging is a fun, upbeat dance style for students age 8 through adult!  Come kick up your heels!  For more information on Green Grass clogging, visit www.greengrasscloggers.com 

Jazz 1 through Advanced Jazz

Beginner through Advanced progressions in jazz dance technique.  Fun, tasteful, age appropriate music & movements are used.  Students may enroll in Jazz classes beginning at age 6.  

Lyrical 1 through Advanced Lyrical

Beginner through Advanced progressions in lyrical dance technique.  Lyrical dance encompasses ballet, jazz & contemporary styles and technique.  Students may start taking lyrical at age 7.  

Hip Hop 1 through Advanced Hip Hop

Fun, funky, fresh movement style appropriate for each level.  Tasteful, age appropriate music & movement is used.  Students may enroll in Hip Hop at age 6.  

Tumble Time!

Tumble Time encompasses beginning tumbling skills such as forward and backward rolls, bridges, flexibility, balancing skills, coordination, as well as large movement skills such as leaping, skipping, and galloping.  Props may also be used to encourage & enhance learning!  Tumble Time is a non-performing class, but will have a private informal presentation for families to showcase their new skills in the studio before Christmas break and once again in May.  Tumble Time is for ages 3-5.  


Acro for Dance

These classes will focus on flexibility, strength, body alignment and acrobatic & tumbling skills but not limited to:  jumps, leaps, splits, forward & backward rolls, cartwheels, one handed cartwheels, backbends, roundoffs, front & back walk overs, front & back arabians, beginning work on aerials, back tucks, partnering acrobatic tricks and more.  Dancers must also be enrolled in a dance technique class such as ballet, lyrical or jazz.  Acro for Dance is a non-performing class, but will have a private informal presentation for families to showcase their new skills in the studio before Christmas break and once again in May.  Acro for Dance is for ages 6-18.  Specific levels/age ranges on schedule.  

Adult Ballet

Beginner to Intermediate ballet for adults.  Drop the kids off at school and do something GREAT for yourself for a longer, leaner, stronger body...and have fun doing it.  Come take Adult Ballet class at Down East Dance.  It will tone your body and increase flexibility.  If you have a child that dances it will give you a greater understanding of what they are learning.  

Adult Tap

Don't let the kids have all the fun!  Join us for Adult Tap!  Beginner through Intermediate levels of rhythm tap.  Increase your memory & your stamina and keep a healthy heart with us!

Come join us today!